•  Garden Salad: 1/2 pan-20.00$ full pan-35.00$
  • Antipasta Salad: 1/2 pan-35.00$ full pan-65.00$
  • Grilled Chicken Salad: 1/2 pan-45.00$ full pan-85.00$
  • Fruit Salad: only one size-28.00$


Sweet,hot or mild sausage simmered with peppers,onions and tomatoes(mushrooms can be added) it is one of our best dishes!

1/2 pan-40.00$ full pan-80.00$

Fresh Bread

Made daily only 50 cents each

Fresh Rolls

Made daily only 50 cents each


  • Red Pizza: 15.00$
  • White Pizza/Focaccia Bread: 15.00$
  • Vegatable Pizza: 15.00$

1 sheet=24 peices

1/2 pan feeds 6-10 people

full pan feeds 10-15 people

Any additional items are 3.00$


Chicken Stamperata

Fresh chicken legs and breasts baked to perfection with garlic,onions,olives,capers,and celry with vinegar

1/2 pan-45.00$ full pan-85.00$

Chicken Marsala

Fresh chicken breasts sauteed in butter with mushrooms,onions and prosciutto with marsala wine: 1/2 pan-45.00$ full pan-85.00$

Chicken Pamigiana

Plump chicken breasts topped with our marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese

1/2 pan-40.00$ full pan-75.00$

Baked Lasagna

Pasta layered with seasoned meats, ricotta and mozzarella cheese with our marinara sauce:

1/2 pan-45.00$ full pan-85.00$

Baked Ziti

Sweet italian sausage,ricotta cheese and our marianra sauce tossed with penne pasta and baked with mozzarella cheese

1/2 pan-45.004 full pan-85.00$

 Chicken Alla Lucia

Mini rigatoni pasta tossed with chicken,sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives with a very lite creasm sauce

1/2 pan-40.00$ full pan-75.00


Fresh cooked penne pasta with our marinara sauce

1/2 pan-35.00$ full pan-65.00$

Meatballs or Sausage or Both!

1/2 pan-35.00$ full pan-65.00$

 Penne Angelina

Sweet italian sausage tossed with mushrooms and fresh spinach over a penne pasta in a tomato cream sauce

1/2 pan-40.004 full pan-75.00$


Spinach Pies

with sausage-7.00$

without sausage-6.00$


Steamed Vegatables

1/2 pan-35.00$ full pan-65.004

Hot Soups

  • Chicken Soup: pint-3.00$ quart-4.00$
  • Soup of the day(such as beef stew,etc...):

       pint-3.50$ quart-4.50$



  • Cold Cut Platter-35.00$ and up
  • Cheese Platter-35.00$ and up
  • Italian Platter-95.00$

 DiBacco Specialty


1/2 pan-45.00$ full pan-85.00$


Stuffed Peppers-3.50$


Stuffed Artichokes-3.50$


Aranchini every Wednesday

Please call ahead!


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